Every month we feature different Emory Animal Hospital specials to reward our clients. While our specials do change on a monthly basis, these specials repeat on the same months each year, so you can plan your visits accordingly to take advantage of the special savings! Be sure to check this space every month to learn more about the current month’s specials.

If you have been waiting to have your male pet neutered, now is the time to call us and schedule this procedure. We are offering 15% off neuter surgeries all month. This discount is valid for all dog, cat, or exotic pet neuter surgeries. Below are some key benefits gained by having your male pet neutered.

Benefits of Neutering (males):

– Reduces or eliminates spraying and marking behaviors
– Lessens desire to roam, making your pet less likely to be injured in fights or accidents
– Eliminates risk of testicular cancer, and dramatically decreases risk of prostate disease
– Reduces number of unwanted/homeless pet offspring
– Decreases aggressive behavior, including biting
– Helps your male pets live longer and healthier lives