Every month we feature different Emory Animal Hospital specials to reward our clients. While our specials do change on a monthly basis, these specials repeat on the same months each year, so you can plan your visits accordingly to take advantage of the special savings! Be sure to check this space every month to learn more about the current month’s specials.

Dental discount month is here! We are offering 10% off dental surgery packages all month. These packages include it all: your dog or cat receives a preanesthetic blood panel, presurgical exam, anesthesia with monitoring, full dental cleaning/scaling/polishing, fluoride treatment, surgical extractions if necessary, post surgery pain medication and antibiotics (when needed), and a dental oral rinse product and toothbrush to take home. Schedule this month for better health, longer life, and fresher breath for your pet.

This month, let Ashley transform your pet into a cute and cuddly Valentine! All grooming for the month of February is 10% off! Our grooming is full-service, which means every groom (or bath) always includes a nail grinding (dremeling), anal gland expression, and ear cleaning at no extra charge!