Every month we feature different Emory Animal Hospital specials to reward our clients. While our specials do change on a monthly basis, these specials repeat on the same months each year, so you can plan your visits accordingly to take advantage of the special savings! Be sure to check this space every month to learn more about the current month’s specials.

Senior pets (7 years old and up) have special needs and concerns. This month we are helping you meet those needs with special discounts for senior pets. Heartworm tests and wellness exams for senior pets are 15% OFF during September. Annual blood screening is also extremely important for seniors, to catch signs of common aging issues such as diabetes, thyroid impairment, or diseases of the heart, liver, or kidneys. Basic Wellness blood panels are 15% OFF for senior pets during September. We look forward to celebrating your Super September Seniors all month!


Ashley Estes is celebrating 7 years as our groomer this month! You can celebrate too, with our Soapy September grooming special: 10% OFF all grooms! (baths only are not included)