Every month we feature different Emory Animal Hospital specials to reward our clients. While our specials do change on a monthly basis, these specials repeat on the same months each year, so you can plan your visits accordingly to take advantage of the special savings! Be sure to check this space every month to learn more about the current month’s specials.

It’s not easy to find a caring veterinarian who will see your exotic pet. Here at Emory Animal Hospital, we are happy to treat your rabbit, bird, reptile, or pocket pet. Pocket pets are small mammals including mice, rats, hamsters, ferrets, sugar gliders, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and others. While we do not see primates or venomous reptiles, Dr. Skelley can help you with most other exotic pets. Bring your exotic pet to visit us during July, and we will give you a free tailored information packet about the care, feeding, and behavior of your specific type of exotic pet! We are proud to be one of very few veterinary hospitals in the greater Knoxville area to provide care for such a wide array of exotic pets.