Every month we feature different Emory Animal Hospital specials to reward our clients. While our specials do change on a monthly basis, these specials repeat on the same months each year, so you can plan your visits accordingly to take advantage of the special savings! Be sure to check this space every month to learn more about the current month’s specials.

March is THE month for rabbit owners! Neutering or spaying your rabbit can prolong his or her life and health, and eliminate troublesome hormone-related behavior in both male and female rabbits. We are one of very few animal hospitals in East Tennessee to offer rabbit surgery. Our safe rabbit anesthetic protocol, combined with a veterinarian who has years of experience performing rabbit surgeries, make us a wise choice. As young as 5 months old, female rabbits can breed, become pregnant, and have a litter, all within a 30-day time span! This quickly leads to an abundance of baby bunnies, some of which end up as Easter pets for children. When the novelty wears off, these young bunnies are often unloaded at animal shelters. In light of this, we are offering 20% off rabbit spay or neuter packages throughout March. Call us today at 947-0437 to schedule a surgery for your rabbit.

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